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Accessing NPTEL Courses

For Institutions
Category Web courses (129) Video courses (110)
Government funded/aided Institutions /
Government agencies / Government enterprises Rs.500 for three DVDs to cover postal charges and cost of materials Rs.15,000/- for three 500GB SATA Hard disks(includes postal charges)
Free, if institution provides three hard disks and postal charges
Private Institutions / Corporates Rs.50,000/- for three DVDs Rs.50,000/- for three 500GB SATA Hard disks(includes postal charges)
Institutions ordering individual courses Currently not available DVDs for Rs.1000/- per course title* (30 to 45 lectures)
* Important Note: Cost per Video Course title is Rs 1000/-
Cost of obtaining multiple course titles would be Number of Courses x 1000
Cost of Software Engineering Course =Rs 1000/-
Cost of Software Engineering + Internet Technology Course = 2x1000 =Rs 2000/-
Cost of all Computer Science Video Courses = 17x1000 =Rs 17000/-
Mode of payment
1. Through a bank draft drawn in favor of BodhBridge Educational Services Private Limited, Chennai.
2. Electronic Transfer (NEFT) :
Account Holder Name: BodhBridge Educational Services Private Limited
State Bank of India - Current Account No. 30833769533,
IFS Code: SBIN0001055 (IIT Madras Branch)
NEFT reference No. should be mailed to the mail id given below, with the requests. For any queries regarding the availability of courses or issues in accessing courses, please contact the address mentioned below.
Address to which the DD/ NEFT Reference No. /Application form must be sent:
BodhBridge Educational Services Private Limited, Incubated by C-TIDES,
Department of Management Studies Building (4th Floor)
IIT Madras ,
Chennai - 600036 .
Tel : 91-9840127895 ;91- 9840406181; 91-9176182899
Email :