Monday, December 14, 2009

MBA Journal Websites

List of Periodicals

S.No Serial Code Name of the Periodical Periodicity Website
1. A1 Advertising Express Monthly

2. A2 AIMS International Journal of Management Quarterly

3. A3 Auto India Monthly

4. A4 Apparel Online Quarterly

5. B1 Business &Economy Monthly

6. B2 Business Barons Monthly

7. B3 Business India Fortnightly

8. B4 Business Perceptive Half yearly

9. B5 Business Today Fortnightly

10. B6 Business World Weekly

11. B7 4Ps Business and Marketing Fortnightly

12. C1 Capital Market Fortnight

13. C2 Case Folio Monthly

14. C3 Chronicle Monthly

15. C4 CII communiqué Monthly

16. C5 Competition Success Review Monthly

17. C6 Co-operative Perspective Quarterly

18. C7 Commodity Vision Monthly

19. D1 Dalal Street Monthly

20. D2 Data Quest Fortnightly

21. D3 Digit Monthly

22. D4 Down to Earth Fortnightly

23. D5 Decision Half Yearly

24. D6 Dare Monthly
25. E1 E-Business Monthly

26. E2 Economic and Political- Weekly Weekly

27. E3 Economic Developments in India Monthly

28. E4 Educare Monthly

29. E5 Effective Executive Monthly

30. E6 Employment News Weekly

31. E7 Electronics for you Monthly

32. F1 Finance India Quarterly

33. F2 Fortune Bi-weekly

34. F3 Front Line Fortnight

35. F4 Frozen Thoughts Monthly

36. F5 Foreign Trade Review Quarterly

37. F6 Fortune India Fortnightly

38. F7 Focus Bi-Annual

39. F8 Financial Planning Journal Quarterly

40. G1 G.K.Today Monthly

41. G3 Global Business Review Half-Yearly

42. G4 Global CEO Monthly

43. H1 Harvard Business Review Monthly

44. H2 HRD Times Monthly
45. H3 HRM Review Monthly

46. H4 Human Capital Monthly

47. I1 ICFAI Reader Monthly

48. I2 Images Retail Monthly

49. I3 India Economy Review Monthly www.capitalmarket/ier

50. I4 India Today Weekly

51. I5 Indian Journal of Training and Development Quarterly

52. I6 Indian Management Monthly

53. I7 Industry 2.0 Monthly

54. I8 Information Bulletin on Mgt Quarterly

55. I9 Insurance Chronicle Monthly

56. I10 International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management Quarterly

57. I11 Indian Journal of marketing Monthly

58. I12 IIM B Management Review Quarterly

59. J1 Journal of Insurance and Risk Mgt Quarterly

60. J2 Journal of Management Research Tri-Annual

61. J3 Journal of Marketing and Communication Triannual

62. J4 Journal of Services Research Half-Yearly

63. J5 Journal of Emerging Market Finance Tri annual

64. J6 Journal of Human Values Bi-Annual

65. L1 Life Insurance Today Monthly

66. L2 Linux For You Monthly

67. L3 Living Digital Monthly

68. M1 Marketing Mastermind Monthly

69. M2 MBA Review Monthly

70. M3 Metamorphosis Bi-Annual

71. M4 Mutual Fund Insight Monthly

72. M5 Management Next Monthly

73. M6 Money and Finance Quarterly

74. M7 Money Today Fortnightly

75. M8 Money Life Fortnightly

76. N1 Network Computing Monthly

77. N2 Need the Dough Quarterly

78. O1 Outlook Weekly

79. O2 Outlook – Money Fortnight

80. O3 Outlook Business Fortnightly Http://

81. O4 Overdrive Monthly

82. P1 Paradigm Half-Yearly

83. P2 PC Quest Monthly

84. P3 Portfolio Organizer Monthly

85. P4 Prestige Jnl of Management and Research Half Yearly

86. P5 Professional Bankers Monthly

87. P6 Projects and Profits Monthly

88. P7 Pitch Monthly

89. R1 Readers Digest Monthly

90. R2 Retail Biz Monthly

91. R3 Retailer Bi-Monthly

92. R4 Rural Marketing Journal Quarterly
93. S1 SCM &Logistics 2.0 Quarterly
94. S2 Span Bi-Monthly

95. S3 Strategic Marketing Bi-Monthly

96. S4 Sport star Weekly

97. S5 Strategic Innovators Quarterly

98. T1 The Indian Journal of Technical Education Quarterly

99. T2 The Accounting World Monthly

100. T3 The Analyst Monthly

101. T4 The Brand Reporter Fortnightly

102. T5 The Economist Weekly

103. T6 The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance Monthly

104. T7 The Indian Textile Journal Monthly

105. T8 The Insurance Times Monthly

106. T9 The Journal of Accounting and Finance Half-Yearly

107. T10 The Smart Manager Bi-Monthly

108. T11 The Week Weekly

109. T12 Time Weekly

110. T13 Treasury Management Monthly

111. T14 The Journal of Entrepreneurship Bi-Annual

112. T15 The Human Factor Quarterly

113. T16 The India Economy Review Quarterly

114. T17 The Corporate Today Monthly

115. T18 Training and Management Monthly
116. T19 The Economic Challenger Quarterly

117. T20 The Journal –Contemporary Management Research Quarterly

118. U1 University News Weekly

119. U2 USP Age Monthly

120. V1 Vikalpa Quarterly

121. Y1 Yoga Monthly