Friday, December 11, 2009


Institutional Enrollment
Organizations such as universities, research institutions, businesses, newspaper houses and NGOs may enroll as institutional members. The annual American Library Membership Enrollment Processing Fees, as follow, may be paid by cash or through a demand draft in favor of the American Consulate General, Chennai:
Fee Structure:
Non-profit organizations
• Rs. 2000.00 for one year
• Rs. 3000.00 for two years
Profit/Corporate organizations
• Rs. 4000.00 for one year
• Rs. 7000.00 for two years
Click here for membership application forms.
Each institution will be issued five membership cards in the name of the institution. Four books may be borrowed at a time on each card. A maximum limit of 20 books and five videotapes may be borrowed at a time by each institutional member. Videotapes borrowed from the Center are strictly for non theatrical and noncommercial use and are not to be relent or duplicated by the borrowing institution. No fee may be charged for screening these tapes.
Reference and information services will be provided by the American Library staff.
Institutional members will receive the following publications on a regular basis:
Book Alert: Recent Additions to American Libraries in India
Article Alert Digest
AIRC Newsletter
SPAN magazine
Bibliographies and videographies (Request only)