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All India Council for Technical Education
7th Floor, Chanderlok Building
Janpath, New Delhi-110 001


1. Name of the Institution:_____________________________________________________

2. Complete Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2.1. Telephone: 2.2. E-Mail:
2.3. Fax: 2.4. Web Site:

3. Courses offered and annual intake of students (Branch wise for example Electronics (40), IT (50), etc.)

Degree Level: ____________________________________
Postgraduate Level: ____________________________________
M. Phil. Level: ____________________________________
Research Level: ____________________________________
Any Other: ____________________________________

4. AICTE approval number, date and validity period:_____________________________


1. Does your institute have a Campus LAN? Yes/No

2. Spread of Campus LAN: How spread out is your Campus LAN? (Please )

2.1 Restricted to Computer Centre
2.2 Restricted to Computer Centre and Library
2.3 Limited Number of connections in Departments/Centres/Labs./Units
2.4 All Departments/Centres/Labs./Units are well connected
2.5 Besides Institute, the LAN reaches out to hostels and residences also

3. Whether your library is part of your Campus Network? Yes/No

4. Is your Campus Network/Library Network connected to INTERNET? Yes/No

5. Internet connection speed:__________________________________________________

6. Type of Internet connection (please ).

6.1. Dial-up 6.2. Leased Line 6.3. V-SAT
6.4. Radio Link 6.5. DSL 6.6 Any other

7. Bandwidth of the Institute/Library Network:___________________________________

8. Number of PCs having Internet connection:

8.1 In the Library :_____________________
8.2 In the Computer Centre :_____________________
8.3 Total number of Internet-enabled PCs in the Institute:_____________________

9. Does you Institute have a Website? Yes/No

If answer to Question 9 is yes, please answer the following questions.

9.1 Is your library represented on the Institute’s Website: Yes/No

9.2 Do you host your Website on your own server or is it hosted by a hosting service or your ISP?


1. INDEST-AICTE Consortium facilitates online access to e-journals and e-databases at highly discounted rates of subscription. Would your institute join such Consortium? Yes/No

2. Do you have sufficient Internet and network infrastructure to use web-based e-resources? Yes/No

3. If “No”, then when you would update the network infrastructure?

4. If your institution is already using e-resources, then how would you rate overall level of receptivity/acceptance for electronics media? (tick appropriate statement)

4.1 Electronics media is preferred to print
4.2 Print is preferred to electronics media
4.3 Both media are acceptable
4.4 Any other


Please enroll us as a member of the INDEST-AICTE Consortium for consortia-based subscription to electronic resources. We accept the rules and regulations of the Consortium and also agree to abide by the terms of the license agreement of the publishers. We agree to sign and return to you the license agreement for the respective publishers, whose e-resources, we wish to subscribe as per the rates for the period January-December 2008 mentioned below:

SI Name of E-Resources Consortium
Price (In Rs.)
1 IEL (1 user) 278100
2 ASCE Journals 161010
3 ASME Journals (+ AMR) 133830
4 DEL 56460
5 ESDU 58550
6 Springer Link 203490
7 ABI Inform Complete 329340
8 ACM Digital Library 202870
9 ASTM Standard & Journals 298600
10 Emerald-150 270410
Emerald-125 250920
Emerald-95 225830
11 Indian Standards 390150
12 JCCC 69360
13 MathSciNet 12550
14 Proquest Science Journals 219560
Science Direct for Undergraduate Colleges
(each collection with current +4 years backfiles)
15 SD(EE, ME,CE,IT & IS) 334560
16 SD(CHE & Biotech) 250920
17 SD (Pharmacy) 250920
18 SD (EE, Electronics & Systems Engg., IT & CS) 219560
19 SD (ME-55 Journals) 209100
20 SD (ME-30 Journals) 125460
21 SD(CE) 125460
22 Ei-Compendex 125460
Science Direct for Postgraduate Colleges
(each collection with current + 4 years backfiles unless specified otherwise)
23 SD (Business Management & Accounting) 209100
SD(EE, ME, CE, CS, IT & IS +) 1010210
SD (CHE & Biotechnology +) 627300
SD (Pharmacy) 501840
SD (EE, Electronics & Systems Engg., IT & CS) 418200
SD (ME-55 Journals) 334560
SD (ME-30 Journals) 209100
SD(CE) 167280
Ei-Compendex 376380

Enclosed please find the payment by Demand Draft No. _________ dated_________ for Rs.______________ in favour of the "INDEST-AICTE Consortium " drawn on New Delhi towards subscription to e-resources for the year period January-December 2008 as per the details given below:

SI Name of E-Resource Subscription Fee

Consortium Fee* 2000

* Each application should be accompanied by a Consortium Fee of Rs. 2000/- in addition to the subscription fee of the subscribed E-journals.

This form and Demand Draft may be sent to Advisor (PC), All India Council for Technical Education, 7th Floor, Chanderlok Building, Janpath, New Delhi-110 001. It should reach latest by December 25, 2007 so as to enable access to e-resources from January 2008.
Access Options

 The Ranges of IP addresses used by us for Internet Access are:



 Our institute does not have dedicated IP addresses. Please provide password- based access to electronic resources


1. Name: Designation:
Complete Postal Address:

2. Name: Designation:
Complete Postal Address:


1. Name: Designation:
Complete Postal Address:

2. Name: Designation:
Complete Postal Address:
(Signature of Head of Institution)

Official Seal

A copy of the application should also be sent to:

Librarian & National Coordinator, INDEST-AICTE Consortium
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016
Ph.: 011-26591451, 011-26596759


 The subscription fee for e-resources along with an additional Consortium Fee of Rs. 2000/- has been properly checked.
 Total amount for the identified e-resources has been enclosed in the form of DD drawn in favour of ‘INDEST-AICTE Consortium” Payable at New Delhi.
 The duly filled in form and DD has been sent to Advisor (PC), All India Council for Technical Education, 7th Floor, Chanderlok Building, Janpath, New Delhi-110 001